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ROMDAG - Community Action Group

What is ROMDAG?


Romsey Dementia Action Group (ROMDAG) is a local community organisation focused on assisting families living with dementia, helping them find the right support and information and making them feel more confident when out and about.


ROMDAG was founded in 2015, partly in response to Romsey being declared a Dementia Friendly Town, but also because feedback from local residents showed that they felt isolated and confused once receiving the diagnosis.



What does ROMDAG do?


We hope to improve the lives of people living with dementia though:

  • Outreach – organising a range of groups and activities allowing people with dementia and their carers, to continue to socialise, stay active and enjoy themselves.


  • Signposting – helping to provide a road map pre and post-diagnosis, working with other local and national organisations to get families the information they need. This includes details of groups and activities, support networks and helplines.


  • Education – issuing resources and run sessions, making the public more aware of what dementia means, and how they can help others. These can also be used to assist local businesses to become more Dementia Friendly

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Meet The Team

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